Water Conservation

1. Technology

The Way It Works

First, install the right ETwater equipment for your needs, whether new construction or retrofit.

1. Use your ETwater Manager™ online management system to set up your account by entering your landscape profiles.

2. A local weather station provides daily weather and rainfall data.

3. ETwater servers access the weather data, compute evapotranspiration, and generate daily watering schedules for each landscape profile. Servers then connect wirelessly to ETwater smart controllers to   exchange schedules and data.

4. ETwater smart controllers execute daily irrigation schedules.


access-anywhereAnywhere Access

  • Control your irrigation from any Internet-connected device – computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Respond remotely to client special requests.
  • Reduce emergency site visits by shutting off any high flows remotely.


Spend less on site visits

dollar-signTime is money, so don’t waste it physically making adjustments to your controllers. The ETwater ManagerTM gives you the benefit of remote management over multiple sites and controllers from a single web page.




Control your irrigation schedules with better tools and knowledge

  • Get reliable weather data from 10,000 local weather stations, professionally monitored 24/7.
  • Receive alerts for open or shorted stations before landscape damage occurs.
  • Manage water budgets with up-to-the-minute accuracy.


more-efficientBe More Efficient

  • Schedule irrigation based on your landscape data — not guesstimates.
  • Easily comply with complex municipal watering restrictions.
  • Forget installing software or updates. We do that part.



Use Less Water

use-less-waterBy automatically adjusting schedules as the weather changes, the ETwater solution can save your sites a documented 20% to 50% in water.



Minimizing the area to water. Take advantage of the new technologies and designs of the “0” landscaping era. Minimizing the area you have to water, it does not mean giving up having beautiful looking yard.

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